Montana Regulatory Tools and Resources

Whether you manage or sell at a farmers market, it is important to consider your legal and regulatory risks. This page will provide state and national resources to get you started with a risk-management strategy. 

Risk-Management Tools  

Understanding what your risks are is the first step in risk management. The following resources will get you started.  

Tips about Farm Business Structures, ATTRA Website

Marketing and Business, ATTRA Website 

 Farmers Market Legal Toolkit Website 

Insurance for Food Safety Liability on Direct Market Farms, Farm Commons Website 

Regulations and Permitting Information 

 Many regulations related to selling or managing a farmers market are handled at the state and local levels. These resources will help you get to the right place: 

Montana Resources and Regulations 

Vendor selling anything with roots in soil? Check out Nursery Licensing requirements: 

Vendor selling produce? Learn more about licensing requirements and produce safety inspection/education: 

Vendor Selling Cottage Foods?

Cottage Food Laws and Resources, Department of Health and Human Services Website 

Montana State and County Sanitarians, Department of Health and Human Services Website 

Alternative Energy Resources Organization Cottage Food Technical Assistance Video Series 

National Resources 

Farmers Market Legal Toolkit Website 

Food Safety 

Every food and produce vendor wants to keep customers safe at farmers markets. Recently, national regulations have required specific food safety protocols to be in place for many producers. There are exemptions, however. The following resources can help you get started. The protocols provide a helpful checklist regardless of exemption. 

Food Safety Resources, ATTRA Website

Farm Food Safety and Organic Certification Co-Compliance Guide for Specialty Crop Farmers, ATTRA Website

Produce Safety Alliance, Cornell University Website 

Farmers’ Guide to Food Safety Liability: ID, MT, and WA, Farm Commons Website  

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